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dhabewalli masala murgh  | 11.95

Dhaba is an Indian Bistro famous for serving authentic , fresh seasonal food. Chicken curry cooked home style, a perfect traditional household feast

Chooza makhni  | 10.95

Famously known as butter chicken , cooked in the authentic flavours with pulled chargrilled chicken

kadhai  gosht khadda masala | 12.95

Kadhai is an indian wok which impacts a rustic flavour to the food cooked in it. Welsh lamb delicately flavoured with roasted coriander and cumin seeds


A punjabi rural delicacy . Chicken cooked in rich spinach and mustard leaf enhanced with fresh garlic tadka

chicken chettinad | 10.95

Classic south Indian dish created by the chattiers of tamil nadu, chicken simmered in a sauce of black pepper, roasted coriander and curry leaves

 jhinga taka tak | 12.95

The name is derived from the sound when a laddle strikes iron griddle plate taka tak . The origin of tawa dishes , king prawn cooked with bell peppers in a tawa masala

british railway lamb curry | 11.95

Lamb dish served in the railway canteen, from the days of the Raj, chunks of lamb (on the bone) cooked in its own juices, with ginger, caramalised onion, and ground aromatic hot spices

murgh tikka lababdar  | 10.95

The perennial favourite of marinade and tandoor grilled tikka of chicken simmered in a satin smooth yoghurt and tomato gravy made with juices of the roasted tikka and redolent of kasorri methi

ambala keema matter | 12.95

Ambala is an ancient trading town connecting punjab and delhi and boasts the pick of punjabi cuisine . Mince Lamb and green peas in spice masalla is a tribute to the famous Puran singh da Dhaba

allepey  fish curry | 13.95

A delicacy from coastal state of Kerala . Fish simmered in coconut milk and raw mango curry


Moghuls were connoisseurs , they brought richness to indian food. Chicken simmered in a rich satin smooth creamy korma sauce



paneer makhanwala | 7.95

Traditional old time favourite with a  rich smooth creamy flavoursome tomato gravy 

paneer bhurji jalandhari  | 7.95

A delicious combination of grated cottage cheese and green peas in a typical home style cooking

MOHALI  malai kofta | 8.95

Mom's recipe for a very authentic cottage cheese dumplings in a home style tarri

AMRITSARI  chole | 7.95

Chickpeas cooked to perfection flavoured with raw mango and dried pomegranate powder

tandoori soya tikka kadhai  | 7.95

A delicious innovation , chargrilled soya chunks and bell peppers finished in an aromatic onion tomato masala with ginger juliennes

 aloo PALAK | £7.95

Jersey potatoes cooked in garden green spinach and mustard leaves puree with a tadka of garlic and ginger


Mushroom and fresh green peas in an aromatic masala infused with fenugreek


Eggplant cooked in masala with a hint of tamarind tempered with onion seed

dal tarka bajrangi  | 7.95

A delightful yummy combination of yellow lentils with tempering of cumin , garlic and deggi mirch

dal makhani | 7.95

Creamy black lentils simmered overnight with selected indian spices and butter